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Programme and Presentations

Wednesday 18 July 2012, by Aymeric Boniou

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last update on the 18th October 2012

12th UIC Sustainability Conference Programme
RIVAS Mid term conference - Programme

Presentations - Day 1 Plenary

UIC vision for sustainable development and actions at Rio+ 20
The $175billion for sustainable transport agreed at Rio+20: What opportunities for the railway sector?
Sustainable Transport – Moving forward from Rio+20
Rio+20 outcomes: Perspectives for sustainable transport
UIC & CER Sustainability Strategy: Moving Towards Sustainable Mobility
Innovation and research for a sustainable railway system
EU policy: the key drivers for greening transport
Messages from the latest data: Insights from the TERM report 2012
Environmentally friendly stations: The Osaka “Eco-station” and Energy Management Techniques
Towards quieter cities: Reducing railway noise

Day 2 Parallel Sessions

Climate Change Adaptation

Introduction and objectives of the session
Adaptation research and system approaches in the UK
Japan - Snow problems and other natural hazards
Adaptation of rolling stock to extreme weather conditions
EU political context and CER vision on adaptation
Information and prediction tools - Renfe experience
Conclusions from the Chair


Air Quality in Underground Stations - SNCF
Air Quality in Underground Stations - SNCB
Industry activities on chemical substances to comply with the REACH regulation
Right on track to reduce emission from Diesel rolling stock: Results from EU project CleanER-D
Summary - Emissions

Multi-Modal Integration

Cycle-Rail integration in the UK: Progress and challenges
Innovations in sustainable mobility: Case studies from Italy
Multi-Modal Integration: Case studies from around the world

Sustainable Land Use

Sustainable Land Use in Serbian Railways
Key Issues for Sustainable Land Use, and Questions for Debate
Rail infrastructure and nature protection at ÖBB – synergies and conflicts
Innovative, zero emission remediation of polluted soil at Dutch railways

Energy Efficiency & CO2

Introduction and objectives of the session
Renewable Energy Use: Stakeholder acceptance of different qualities
Renewable Energy Production: Implementation examples at Infrabel
Conclusions by Co-Chairs

External costs, taxes and pricing

Introduction and EU policy overview
Greening Transport: Latest research on external costs
The role of externalities in the Cost Benefit Analysis of the Rome-Milan HS line
Internalisation of external costs: The example of the Swiss Heavy Vehicle Fee
Summary - External Costs

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement in Indian Railways: Strategy to lead the change
Recyclability and recoverability calculation method for Rolling Stock
The implementation of Sustainable Procurement creates value: A global value for business, the environment, society and suppliers
Green Procurement: a policy of services and products in Trenitalia

Sustainable Mobility

Rail, Energy and CO2: Moving towards sustainability
UIC Sustainability Declaration and Cooperation with the United Nations
Summary - Sustainable Mobility

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