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European partnership for railway energy settlement systems

Eress is a non-profit organisation, jointly owned by its partners, committed to the development, implementation and supply of the IT system for energy settlement called Erex.

Erex is an optimal solution for Infrastructure Managers and Train Operators.
Train Operators do get an accurate energy invoice based on the real energy they have used, not based just on estimates. They get a full overview over their real energy consumption at any time and for any of their traction units, including international traffic.

Infrastructure managers can rely on Erex system, ensuring accurate energy billing and transparency for all train operators running in their networks. They get a high quality proven system for free, just paying for adaptation costs. Eress is an open partnership and welcomes all infrastructure managers in Europe.

-  Eress has 7 partners
-  Over 4000 traction units use currently Eress system, Erex
-  50 Train Operators are billed through Erex system in Europe
-  With Erex, Train Operators can save more than 30% of the energy

Eress partners
- Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark),
- Infrabel NV (Belgian Railway Infrastructure Manager),
- Jernbaneverket (Norwegian National Rail Administration),
- Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration),
- Liikennevirasto (Finnish Transport Agency),
- SBB AG (Schweitzerische Bundesbahnen) and
- Vivens (Dutch railway energy procurement cooperative)

For more information, please contact us,

Why Erex system?
-  Quality. Erex is a high quality proven solution for national and international trains and has been in operation since 2004.
-  Online data access and standardized reports allow train companies having a correct overview and full control of the energy used by trains anytime, anywhere.
-  A system in accordance with the latest EU standards. Erex system is compliant to the latest TSIs. Since 2007, Erex has used the international data exchange format based on UTILTS and UIC leaflet 930. Eress organization is actively involved in the development of the EU standards and therefore prepared to any changes.

-  Proven track record and know-how. With 7 countries already in the partnership, Erex has an extensive track record. Eress organization and Erex system have developed into a know-how source of data energy for several and very different countries in Europe.

-  As a standardized European system, Erex reuses as much of the existing architecture components for any new potential partner. This means that a new partner benefits of getting a fully developed and standardized European system.

-  Handles international traffic. Erex handles optimally energy data for international trains.

-  Flexible. Erex is a flexible system that can be adapted to many diverse needs. Erex can be used as a stand-alone system or it can collaborate with other systems, because it is built on open source.

-  Speedy and available. Erex reacts quickly to customized energy specific functionalities, since it is not bound to systems for other purposes and is highly available.

-  Stable and scalable. The system is robust and prepared for further growth.

-  Cost sharing. All development costs that benefit the other partners are shared.
-  Clear timeframe and implementation costs. All related costs for Erex implementation are clear and specified from the start.