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Technical visits

Tuesday 24 July 2012, by Maguelonne de Cossart

Day III. Technical Day Visits

Saturday 27 October 2012


Visit 1. Technical Visit of Apparato Centrale Computerizzato (ACC), in Mestre

The Mestre Interlocking is a programmable electronic safety system developed by Ansaldo, known as ACC (Apparato Centrale Computerizzato). It is used for the command and control of railway signalling applications (stations, lines, etc.), and is in charge of managing the functions that link the Italian signalling system with those of other European railways.

In addition, the ACC has the ability to automatically diagnose the electronic system (computer, memories, actuators, etc.) and the field elements (switches, lamps, etc.), assisting the railway operator and the maintenance staff. The system has drastically reduced the number of faults, and therefore increased the reliability and availability of the railway infrastructure.

Visit 2. The Mose System of Venice

The Mose System to safeguard Venice from high waters consists of mobile barriers able to temporarily separate the lagoon from the sea. It is being constructed at the lagoon inlets of Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia, the three openings in the barrier island through which tides enter the lagoon.

The mobile barriers consist of rows of gates. In normal tidal conditions, the gates (a type of pontoon) rest in caissons on the bed in the inlets, completely invisible and without affecting the tidal flow between sea and lagoon. During high waters, they are raised and prevent the tide from entering. When the gates are in operation, the continuity of port operations will be guaranteed by a lock for large shipping being constructed at the Malamocco inlet.

The Mose system can protect the lagoon and its cities from tides of up to 3 m and will therefore be effective even if the level of the sea rises significantly during the next few decades.